December 14, 2011

History and Mission

In 1983, local community leaders organized to renovate the abandoned Delafield Hospital at 163rd Street to create senior housing under the auspices of the NYC Housing Authority.  The renovations produced 226 apartments for the elderly and handicapped, which then created a need for senior services.  In 1985, Fort Washington Houses Services for the Elderly, Inc. was born as a multipurpose, bilingual senior service agency, occupying the basement and first floor community space and opening our doors to serve the elders of the NYC Housing Authority building, as well as those living in the community.

Our mission then and now is to provide supports and services that help older adults (60 years and older) remain healthy, active and living at home. Special attention is paid to helping those with minimal supports: people who are frail, isolated, and/or low income. Reflecting the needs of the community, all programs are offered in both Spanish and English.

In 2008, with marketing and mission-identity assistance from the Taproot Foundation, we changed the agency’s name to Riverstone Senior Life Services, Inc.

In 2010, Riverstone Memory Center relocated to its own tailor-designed space with special wandering path for people with memory loss and multiple, ample activity rooms to accommodate various levels of functioning and language preference.

In 2015, we celebrated 30 years of serving seniors in northern Manhattan.

In 2016, we received an important grant from the New York State Department of Health to provide enhanced services for underserved caregivers.

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