September 12, 2013

Annual Appeal 2014-2015

It takes a village to care for our elders
Riverstone’s 30th Anniversary Appeal 2014-2015

In 1985 Riverstone began its lifetime of caring, opening as Fort Washington Houses Services for the Elderly, Inc.

Many of the people who come to us now for help with eviction prevention were working parents at that time, pushing their families to succeed. Those who rely now on our daily money management services were balancing a checkbook regularly. The people who come to our Memory Center each day were snapping photographs of their newest grandchildren – photographs that now help them identify those smiles. The men and women who learn how to use the internet in our computer classes were licking stamps for letters to loved ones, and walking them to the post office.

Times change. We change. Riverstone has been here for thirty years, to anticipate some of life’s changes and make it easier for older adults to enjoy the highest possible quality of life as some of the changes hit hard.

It takes a village to care for our elders

We hope you will donate generously as we enter our fourth decade – donate to help those who need essential assistance now, and to make sure our agency stays healthy and strong as we prepare to assist those who may need our services in another decade or two… or three. We celebrate thirty years with all of you, all of our supportive village who care for today’s seniors and those of tomorrow.

Whatever new challenges may arise in the new era of computers and advancements in health and science… Riverstone will be ready, thanks to you.

Please Give Generously — it’s our Birthday!