April 11, 2018

Simone Song, Simone Song Properties LLC

Simone was born in China during the second World War.   


Although she didn’t know English  when she arrived in New York at the age of 9 – there were no ESL classes in those days – she graduated as the class Valedictorian from 8th grade.


From there she went to an all-girls boarding school, then obtained a Bachelor’s degree  from Hunter College. Soon after, she was working in publishing, got married and had two children. She became a lifelong Upper West Side resident at that time.


Life in New York and exposure to the challenges faced by immigrant communities motivated Simone to attend law school at Columbia University. Earning a law degree illustrated to Simone that she could contribute to the community, even beyond the scope of immigration issues, and she knew that helping others was a priority for her work.


After a 3-year tenure at the Federal Reserve bank, Simone opened her own law office, helping a lot of recently arrived immigrants.


Many of Simone’s clients were interested in purchasing real estate, and by the mid-80’s Simone was asked by an old family friend to sell her apartment in Northern Manhattan. This was Simone’s first experience selling real estate.


Simone immediately recognized  that Northern Manhattan — with its vibrant history, architectural splendor, lush natural surroundings,  and its diverse population —

represented the best of Manhattan.


In 1986, she opened Simone Song Properties, on Cabrini Blvd, as owner and principal real estate  broker. She has been a business and community advocate ever since, witnessing the growth and expansion of Northern Manhattan — to which she is wholeheartedly committed.


In June, Simone will have been at Simone Song Properties, in the same office location, for 32 years.