July 5, 2017

Estate Planning

Everyone, during their lifetime, accumulates “things.” But what happens to those things at our deaths? Who decides where these things go? You can, if you act to create a will or other trust document. This allows you to distribute your assets to the people and causes you select; otherwise the legal system will determine the distribution – at a cost.

Through your will, you can designate gifts to your family, friends, or a charity that will provide them with a personal remembrance of you, allow you to support a cause in which you believe, or provide an opportunity for someone else. It is a gift anyone can make, and costs nothing during your lifetime.

A will should always be drawn up by a qualified attorney familiar with your financial circumstances, family situation and your wishes. Advice from an attorney and other professional advisors should be sought when considering charitable giving as part of your will.

To learn about ways to make gifts through your will, you can contact Ilana Dunner at Riverstone Senior Life Services who can provide you with information to take to your attorney or share with your financial advisor.