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Comments from Board President, Peter Martin, LMSW

From introduction at gala event, April 14, 2016

We, in this room, are all very fortunate. We have so much to give. And we’ve found people who need and appreciate our gifts—the guests and clients of Riverstone. You’ll see and hear a few examples tonight of your gifts connecting to people.

You all lead busy lives. Some of you are caregivers, living the “40-hour day.” I invite you to consider this a symbolic interlude. We’re here to have a little fun tonight.

First, I want to acknowledge the professionals and volunteers that made this possible. Dedicated professionals who guide our loved ones at Riverstone are supported by volunteers, including those who come in and help at Riverstone, including the board of directors.

I want to thank my wonderful Board for all they do, including planning this Gala along with key staff members.

The keyest staff member is our executive director, Ilana Dunner. Now in her fifth year, she continues to grow and refine our programs, all the while interacting warmly and graciously with staff and guests.