July 20, 2017

Homebound mother needs help with cleaning home and daily activities

My 84 year old mother who lives alone in Manhattan needs help with cleaning her home and to help her shower. She doesn’t have enough money to pay for this privately but has too much income for getting these services through Medicaid. Do we have any options? Signed worried daughter


Dear Worried Daughter

Your mother does have an option: For older adults who are not Medicaid eligible but don’t have enough income to pay for housecleaning and/or personal care, such as showering there is a program called EISEP (Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program—handled by the NYC Department for the Aging–DFTA).  This program can provide homecare and personal care assistance 1-3 times a week (depending on need) and the cost is based on a sliding scale—which runs from no contribution at all to about $11 per hour. The highest rate is far less than it would cost you to hire someone privately.  If this is something you want to consider for your mother call 311 and ask them for the contact information for the Case Management Agency located in your mother’s community (you will need to give the operator at 311 your mother’s address). Once getting the phone number, have your mother contact the agency to discuss EISEP. A home visit from a social worker will be arranged at which time it will be determined if your mother is eligible for the services.  Eligibility is based on individuals need and financial situation.  A point to note—when calculating the amount the individual would need to pay for the assistance, the person’s rent and other regular expenses are put into the calculation.

Riverstone social workers can provide assistance for people living in northern Manhattan and West Harlem.