April 7, 2015

Molly Michels

Molly Michels was not just Stan Michels’ wife for 48 years until he passed away in 2008. She was also his strongest supporter throughout his political career. He served as a City Council Member representing much of northern Manhattan for 24 years, and she worked on all of his campaigns. She also was often by his side as they attended various functions and meetings together, helping to make him an effective and popular politician.

Stanley was a lifelong resident of Washington Heights, and after their marriage, they moved into Castle Village, where they raised three children – Jeffrey, Shari and Karen. Molly was a teacher in the local school district for 22 years, working with children with learning disabilities at P.S. 173 and at I.S. 90.

Together Stanley and Molly traveled to all seven continents (including Antarctica), and Molly has boxes of Stanley’s photographs to prove it. Lately she has even picked up the photography bug, especially as she continues to travel overseas. She has become a globe-trotting grandma, visiting Jeffrey, his wife Ronit and their two sons, Amir and Yonatan, in Israel and Karen, her husband Eli and baby boy, Kai, in Switzerland. Molly only has to travel to the Upper West Side to visit Shari, an Acting State Supreme Court Justice, and her daughter Anabella.

Molly has been a part of the Washington Heights community for over 50 years and has remained active politically, still supporting various candidates for office. She has not forgotten what she learned working hand-in-hand with Stanley for so many years. She also helps keep alive his memory by helping the NYC Parks Department and the Fort Tryon Park Trust organize a jazz concert in his honor in Fort Tryon Park every August.