July 20, 2017

Retired 65-year-old on fixed income asks about rent increases

I am a retired 65 year old who lives alone on a limited and fixed income.  The rent in my New York City apartment continues to goes up every year.  My rent keeps going up every year and  over the last 2 months I had pay for some unforeseen medical bill—leaving me with not enough money to pay the total amount of my rent. I don’t want to be evicted and am very scared that I will end up homeless.  I have no other personal or family resources I can tap into.  Is there help for me?


You may be able to take advantage of New York City’s rent freeze program for seniors (SCRIE).  To qualify for SCRIE, you must be 62 years old or older, rent an apartment that is regulated by the Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), have a total household income of $50,000 or less, and pay more than one-third of your household’s monthly income for rent.   To apply for SCRIE, download an application here:


Remember — Riverstone’s social workers are happy to help community seniors in northern Manhattan and West Harlem.