July 20, 2017

Ways to support

Riverstone is thankful for the support of a wide network of friends.

 Here are a few ways you can help. Choose what works best for you!

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Payable to Riverstone Senior Life Services:

Ilana Dunner, Executive Director
Riverstone Senior Life Services
99 Fort Washington Avenue, basement
New York, NY 10032


Everyone, during their lifetime, accumulates “things.” But what happens to those things at our deaths? Who decides where these things go? You can, if you act to create a will or other trust document. This allows you to distribute your assets to the people and causes you select; otherwise the legal system will determine the distribution – at a cost.

Read more on wills and estate planning here.

To consider Riverstone in your will or make another form of bequest, write info@riverstonenyc.org or call Ilana Dunner at 212-927-5600, extension 14



Riverstone is thankful for your donations of items and materials that may improve our delivery of service. Desks, chairs, computer equipment, books — call us to see if what you want to give away can find a new use at Riverstone!