Riverstone NYC Memory Center Washington Heights New York CIty, NY

COVID-19 Services

We are working to help you during the Covid-19 Crisis.
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Updated June 8, 2020

MEALS: Please call 646-702-1995 to sign up for meals. We will link you with the appropriate NYC-funded services. Leave a detailed message (clearly) with name, address and phone number, explaining your situation. Someone will answer within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

Please note! Meals will be delivered to you home only once a week (schedule TBD). You will receive five boxes. If you sign on AFTER the weekly delivery date, you may have to wait a week for delivery. Please call and leave a message ASAP.

SUPPORTIVE COUNSELING: All employees are calling participants and caregivers to check in on them, provide supportive counseling and telephone reassurance, and assist in any way they can.

SUPPORT GROUPS: Our current support groups are active via phone. Should you wish to sign up for a future caregiver support group or other — please do let us know at 646-702-1995, leaving a detailed message (clearly) with name, address and phone number, explaining your situation. 

We are also able to refer to mental health clinicians as necessary.


Be advised that the April 2020 Gala is currently suspended. Stay tuned for our new ideas on how to honor our chosen “champions” this year!


Please call: 646-702-1995 for any questions.
We do not have a schedule for currently active programs.

Contact Information

Name: Riverstone staff

Phone: 646-702-1995

Email: info@riverstonenyc.org


This program is good for individuals who experience:

Other Dementia


COVID-19 Services

Grab and Go Meals

Food Delivery

Phone Support

Continuing in the Future!

We look forward to hearing from you.