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Helping Mrs. L

Mrs. L was not able to get back into her apartment and Riverstone helped!

Mrs. L. was 102 years old…

and had lived in the same apartment for 50 years, for part of that raising her grand-daughter. When the building scheduled renovations to her apartment, she was placed in a temporary unit, and her grand-daughter went along.

When the renovation seemed to be taking too long, Riverstone ascertained that Mrs. L’s grand-daughter had taken possession of the renovated apartment, leaving Mrs. L. in the temporary unit until she would be placed in a nursing home. We were able to contact another family with Power of Attorney, and link city social services agencies with Mrs. L. so that she would be assigned a legal guardian and regain her apartment.

Riverstone helped!

Because of Riverstone, Mrs. L. was spared the nursing home and enjoyed three more years in her own home, dying at the age of 105.

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