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Seven programs that work in synergy to provide complete services for seniors and caregivers.

Open Door

A unique day program for older adults with developmental disabilities   As people with developmental disabilities age, they face new challenges that can lead to greater isolation and unhappiness; our program offers a safe and warm setting that fosters an enhanced quality of life and a source of comfort for families. Recreation, education and physical […]

Health Home

It has been demonstrated time and again that we all do better, physically and mentally when we have someone on our side. To accomplish this, Riverstone has partnered with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to provide a full range of support and case management services to reduce hospitalization of older adults who have Medicaid.

Senior Center

For recreation, exercise, food and fun, our bright and inviting neighborhood center is a meeting space for people 60+ to create new friendships and discover new activities. Want to try tai chi? Learn Facebook? Dance salsa? We have an activity for you!

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