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Health Home

It has been demonstrated time and again that we all do better, physically and mentally when we have someone on our side. To accomplish this, Riverstone has partnered with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to provide a full range of support and case management services to reduce hospitalization of older adults who have Medicaid.


Mon – Fri: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Contact Info

Name: Marlin Cornelio

Phone: 212-927-5600


This Program benefits:

Elders who need community connections
Elders who want to reduce hospitalization and emergency room visits
Elders who look to resume a life with everyday high quality


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Who We've Helped

Helping Ms. R

Ms. R  is a 63-year-old recent widow. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Ms. R spent most of her adult life in New York City. For most of her life, Ms. R lived in a rent-stabilized apartment in Washington Heights with her husband from Mexico. When her husband passed away Ms. R. became depressed and did not follow through on paying her bills—as her husband had always taken care of this.

Helping Mrs. B

Mrs. B. came to us in arrears with ConEd, Verizon and rent, depressed and speaking almost in a whisper of her life of hard work and hard-won independence, working in the clothing industry. She felt she had always been a generous person, even giving a good portion of her life savings to a church in Pennsylvania where she lived at the time,  knowing that she would long be part of their caring community.

Helping Ms. V

Ms. V. was a young woman when she immigrated from Eastern Europe to New York City’s Washington Heights community in the late 1960s.  She married an American citizen, worked as a private duty nurse, and had two children. But when her husband suddenly left her, she raised her two children alone, supporting them single-handedly through college.

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