Here she goes again: Mary Ellen asks you to give - Riverstone Senior Life Services

Here she goes again: Mary Ellen asks you to give

For 15 years I’ve worked at Riverstone
(and maybe 15 times I’ve asked you
to consider seniors and caregivers when you give)

Why should 2020 be different (besides all the obvious reasons)??


I know my friends this year have given to COVID causes, political causes, justice causes, education causes and more. (And I thank you for that!)

If there is anything left over, the seniors and caregivers at Riverstone are staying connected during these times of crushing isolation — because #RiverstoneCares. Because people care. Your help, however small or large, is appreciated in these times and always.

See that teal-green donate button at the top of the page? It’s an easy way to donate a few bucks.

AND for every donor, large or small — I will send a digital artwork of your choice. Take a look at — and you could have a new screensaver for your phone or laptop! Or even take it to a local printer for a wall hanging! I am not selling my artwork yet, so currently this is the only way to get it. Well, this and just asking me. So, no donation necessary but I sure would love it. And so would 1000 seniors and caregivers who are hanging in with a little help from Riverstone (and you?)




We look forward to hearing from you.