Ms G loses one home and finds another - Riverstone Senior Life Services

Ms G loses one home and finds another

The community comes together to help Ms G

Ms G moved in with her sister and brother-in-law after losing her home in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria.  Very quickly, she realized that her sister was very forgetful and confused. Ms G took her sister to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for evaluation, finding that she had moderately advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. A social worker secured a grant for her sister to attend the Riverstone Memory Center while managed long term care services were being processed. Ms G’s sister now attends the Memory Center three days per week and receives home care services four days per week, giving both her sister and her husband much needed respite while she socializes and engages in activities that enhance her overall well-being.  Ms G and her brother-in-law have expressed gratitude for the support and assistance received to obtain the respite services that they are now receiving.  Both expressed feeling less stressed and overwhelmed, more supported and encouraged.


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