Riverstone Memory Center Activities

Riverstone Memory Center Activities

November 9, 2021

A day at Riverstone Memory Center is a day filled with activities

It is proven that being active helps people suffering from Alzheimer’s.  We at Riverstone Memory Center plan a day chock full of activities that your family member will love!  Our days are planned with the purpose of helping reduce the symptoms of memory loss as well as providing a day filled with fun and entertainment.  Here are some interesting facts about Alzheimer’s and being active:

  1. Exercise doesn’t just benefit your physical health, it helps boost brain function as well. Increased blood flow to the brain encourages new brain cell growth. Don’t feel pressured to take up anything too strenuous. We work with the clients at the memory center to have movement throughout the day.  We are careful to help clients with mobility issues.
  2. Belonging to social groups will your loved one feel less alone, plus it helps stimulate the mind in the process. By participating in shared activities, our clients feel less isolated and have something to look forward to.   We offer so many social activities such as fashion shows, movies, and dance!
  3. Art class helps seniors with Alzheimer’s.  Even though nothing will cure dementia, art therapy stimulates the brain in a multitude of ways. It can stir dormant memories and sometimes even encourages speech. Art can also create a sense of accomplishment and purpose, while also providing an opportunity for nonverbal expression. Studies have shown that art therapy activities even help boost cognitive function in various areas of the brain and enhance communication, brain function, and social interaction in people with dementia.  The benefits of art therapy for dementia are immediately noticeable. Participants show both cognitive and behavioral improvement, plus an increase in confidence.
  4. Music and Dance:  Not only is music therapeutic, it is also a great way to help trigger memories from the past. Playing music from your loved ones’ younger years will help spark memories from a specific time or event.  At Riverstone, we play the same songs for different activities throughout the day to maintain regularity and correlate specific tasks with each song.

We promise family members living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s will love the time they spend at the Riverstone Memory Center!

Meet our staff and memory center members:

Activities at The Riverstone Memory Center from Immediate NYC on Vimeo.

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