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Tips for Seniors on How to Settle into a Side Gig

August 30, 2023

When we get older and retire, we often think our days on the timeclock are done. But they don’t have to be. Just because you started drawing Social Security does not mean that you can’t enjoy a little extra cash along with the opportunity to get out of the house. Today’s tips are brought to you by Riverstone Senior Life Services.


Side Gigs for Seniors

While the perfect part-time job for you will be dependent upon your interest and experience, there are many that you might consider. These include but aren’t limited to e-commerce, retail, dog walking, and consulting.

Opening an eCommerce Store

An e-commerce business is one that you can easily run from home, and you don’t even have to put your hands on inventory if you don’t want to. However, one thing you will want in your arsenal of tools is an e-commerce platform that lets you give your customers a shopping experience unique to them. Your ecommerce platform should also let you customize your site’s content so that you can engage your customers.

Working as a Retail Associate

Retail jobs are an excellent option for seniors because you can usually find flexible hours, and you likely already possess most of the skills needed to do the job. Working in retail requires customer service skills, attention to detail, and the ability to communicate with people at all levels throughout their in-store buying journey.

Walking Dogs

Are you an animal person? If so, consider working as a dog walker or pet sitter. This is one of the most flexible part-time jobs that you can get, and you’ll reap the rewards of both canine companionship and exercise while earning a paycheck. According to Australia-based Better Health Channel, walking is a great exercise for seniors that can help you keep your weight steady, strengthen your muscles, and, importantly, reduce your likelihood of falling.


Depending on the industry for which you retired, you can turn your experience into up to $62.17 per hour as a business consultant. explains that there are all types of consultants that work in sales, information technology, and other sectors. Realistically, you could also work as a business mentor and your prior industry, as there are almost always people looking to soak up knowledge from those who have come before them.

Establishing a Business

Formalizing your thriving side gig with a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an excellent way to establish your business officially and secure asset protection. As a structure that separates the business entity from its owners, an LLC offers flexibility and specific tax benefits. The process involves filing your Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State and adhering to your state’s distinct rules and regulations. There are several formation companies that can help you with this process. It’s crucial to compare different formation company options online.

Making a Brochure

Creating a brochure for your new business has never been easier thanks to the plethora of free design tools available online. These platforms are fantastic tools for creating promotional material, offering a variety of templates and design elements that can help bring your vision to life. With user-friendly interfaces, they allow you to customize colors, fonts, and images to perfectly match your brand identity. You can easily drag and drop different elements to craft a professional-looking brochure that effectively communicates your business’s message.

Marketing Yourself

Unless you plan to get a job on the time clock, you’ll be considered a freelancer. This means that you’ll have to market yourself as a small business. Although it might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Begin your marketing journey by defining your target audience and knowing their needs. Then, focus on creating your brand identity, developing relationships, and meeting your customers where they are, whether that’s on social media or at the local senior center.

Regardless of your particular business, you should also give some thought to content marketing, wherein you focus on creating high-quality content that will really engage with your audience and help establish a more meaningful, lasting professional relationship that can help your business stand out from the competition.

According to the AARP, twice as many seniors hold jobs today as they did back in the 80s. This is a sign that we’re staying active longer and want to truly reap the rewards of our careers. Whether you want to jump onto the web and work in ecommerce as an online shop owner, share your skills as a consultant, or work at your local department store, know that there are plenty of tools to help you with marketing, and many benefits of maintaining a job past retirement that go well beyond the simple perks of a paycheck.


Guest post by June Duncan

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