Riverstone NYC Memory Center Washington Heights New York CIty, NY

For your Alzheimer’s Patients

Our caring professionals provide a safe, secure and enjoyable day program for individuals with memory loss.


We are proud to work in conjunction with memory professionals to help your memory-loss and Alzheimer’s patients receive the highest level of care.  We have seen how the memory center improves and enriches the lives of the clients we serve.

Our state-of-the-art Memory Center is housed in a beautiful space specifically designed for this population. This highly supervised program provides stimulation and social interaction for people at various stages of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s, dementia or other illness. The program encourages engagement, communication, and activity that helps individuals engage with others and function mentally and physically at the highest possible level.

The program includes:

• Cognitive exercises, games and brain teasers
• Movement therapy, dance,and exercise that enhance
well-being and motor skills
• Discussion groups to encourage communication
• Arts and crafts activities
• Music therapy to trigge rmemories

Additionally our special events like fashion shows and birthday and holiday parties provide rewarding experiences for
program members.

Transportation can be provided within our catchment area. Vans accommodate wheelchair users. Fees may be covered by Medicaid Long Term Care (MLTC), Private Long Term Care or private pay.


Mon – Fri: 10:00 AM  – 3:00 PM


Contact Information

Name: Carmen Nunez

Phone: 212-927-5600, x 116

Email: cnunez@riverstonenyc.org

Benefits of the Memory Center

Helping your patient

We know that being busy and engaged for 6 hours daily helps reduce depression, anxiety and isolation.

Engaging and creative activities

Connection with peers helps continue cognitive functioning and helps to reduce symptoms.

Continued purpose in life

Being at the memory center and having a reason to get up everyday gives your patient purpose and meaning in their lives.


Our Day

How we work with medical professionals:

1:  Addressing medical and non-medical concerns

2:  Coordinating a holistic care plan

3:  Anticipating potential risks and devising safety measures

4:  Prioritizing patient needs and values

5:  Providing patient and family education


We look forward to hearing from you.